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Secret Nature CBD Hemp Flower

Secret Nature’s premium CBD Hemp Flower claims “top shelf” quality, but that’s just words on a label. We tested this CBD bud for ourselves to see if its “premium” status rings true.

Secret Nature’s CBD Hemp Flower, which is available in a dozen different varieties, comes in hermetically sealed cans designed to keep the bud fresh right up until the moment it’s smoked. Every strain differs, but they boast an average CBD content of 16-20%, or 160-200 mg per gram.

We grabbed an eighth of four different varieties—Fuji, Citron, Secret OG, and Dough Boy—to see what the Secret Nature small-batch experience is all about.

Secret Nature CBD Flower Strains Overview

Secret Nature is the passion of a group of industry insiders and holistic health practitioners who have lobbied in support of cannabis from the very start. Since the brand’s beginning in 2017, they have perfected their stringent standards for organically cultivated small-batch hemp (meaning no pesticides, ever). By growing in greenhouses (where the plants get natural sunlight and an extra boost from high-powered grow lights) in Colorado and Oregon, they’re able to control every aspect of the hemp’s environment, leading to artisan quality hemp covered in sparkling, fragrant trichomes.  

When these glimmering buds reach maturity, they are harvested and trimmed by hand to preserve the buds natural beauty. Every batch of hemp flower is carefully tested at an ISO-certified laboratory for potency, terpene content, pesticides, residual solvents, mold, fungus, bacteria, and other contaminants, with results publicly available by request, or by scanning the QR code on the package.

After the quality is verified by lab testing, the best hemp flowers are neatly packaged in hermetically sealed tins that preserve the hemp’s best features, like it’s bold aroma and full spectrum benefits, until it reaches your door. 

In other words, proponents of whole-plant, terpene boosted CBD can get exactly what they need from this small-batch hemp flower. Secret Nature’s artisan quality hemp looks like a high-quality, aromatic way to get your CBD dose at any time of the day, and we were eager to test these brilliantly preserved buds for ourselves. 

The Premium Indoor CBD Flower from Secret Nature costs $40 for an eighth, or around $11 per gram. If you find one you love, you can grab larger quantities (quarter, half, or ounce) to shave some off the price. All in all, $11 per gram is a fair price to pay for premium, hand-tended, artisan hemp flower—if it lives up to its name, and we needed to find out.

Secret Nature CBD Hemp Flower First-Hand Review

As daily CBD users, we love that hemp flower brings us our daily CBD dose in the most natural way possible, and we were eager to see how Secret Nature’s CBD Hemp Flower stacked up against the flower we’ve tried in the past. We grabbed four different varieties, including a healthy blend of sativas, indicas, and hybrids, to get the full top-shelf hemp experience. 

In general, every variety was well-packaged in a sleek black can with a hermetically sealed lid fit with a pull-tab (a little smaller than a can of tuna). The packaging is brilliant, especially for keeping the flower in tip-top shape until it reaches your door, and also includes a plastic lid that will keep your flower sealed away even after you remove the tin lid. It’s not the easiest to open, but we think it’s a small price to pay for optimal freshness.

In fact, opening the lid was indeed part of the premium experience. As you pull back the tab of each can, the prominent terpenes almost immediately hit your nose. Think of it like the sensory experience you get when the waitress serves you your sizzling, steaming fajitas—minus all the steam and add fragrant cannabis terpenes. 

The packaging and sensory experience was about all that was the same between these four hemp flower varieties, however. Each variety brought its own unique experience to the table:

Fuji Hemp Flower

Fuji was the first variety we opened, and we were not prepared for the fruity, sweet, delicate fragrance that filled the room. The sensory experience is both overwhelming and incredibly tantalizing. We don’t want to sound biased, but the smell alone told us this one was gonna be good. Still, we wanted a fair review, so we added a small amount of hemp flower to a bowl, forgoing papers to avoid altering the flavor. 

Fuji smokes smooth, and the sweet, fruity fragrance rings true in the flavor as well. Within minutes this sativa blend took effect, offering a cognitive boost that was similar to the way we feel after a mild cup of tea—not jittery, just enhanced. This is a morning blend that could replace (or compliment) your morning coffee to get you going. 

Citron Hemp Flower

Citron is also a sativa, but it offers a pungent, citrusy tone that’s less sweet and slightly more serious. The cognitive boost was similar, but we found that we needed to smoke more of this one (as compared to Fuji) to get the same mental boost.

Instead, we found Citron to be a great mid-day strain, capable of staving off fatigue and helping us through a strenuous afternoon. We were a huge fan of the mild, balanced flavor of this premium hemp flower—pungent haze and citrus undertones make for a delightful aromatic experience. 

Secret OG Hemp Flower

Secret OG is described by the brand as having notes of “Gas, Cream, and Earth,” and we couldn’t have put it better ourselves. This indica strain is incredibly pungent, similar to what we’d expect from a strain bred from the OG and Diesel families, with hints of creamy sweetness when it burns. The flavor wasn’t our favorite out of the batch, but the effects didn’t disappoint.

We smoked a bowl of this just before bed, and relaxation onset almost immediately. This strain seemed to focus on the body, not the mind, and within minutes we felt the tension in our shoulders and back melt away. We don’t want to call it a sedative because we definitely could have gotten up if we wanted to, but we definitely see how this strain could lull you into sleep or quickly help you unwind after a long day. 

Dough Boy Hemp Flower

Dough Boy was the only hybrid strain we received, and we saved it for mid-day use. This strain was nearly as pungent as Secret OG, but with sweeter undertones and a hint of cream even before it burned. We honestly weren’t sure what to expect from this balanced hybrid strain, but just moments after smoking we felt incredibly light on our feet and focused. 

At first, we thought the effects were similar to the mental-boost we got from Fuji, but after a few minutes we realized that the effects were entirely different. Dough Boy took the edge off of stress, keeping the day’s anxieties at bay. In retrospect, we think that a mixture of Fuji and Dough Boy would hit the proverbial sweet spot for getting us up and going and prepared for what the day might bring. 

We were intrigued with how light, limber, and worry-free this strain made us feel, so we tried it again just before an afternoon yoga session. When combined with a gentle, focused yoga sequence, the effects could only be described as “internal harmony.”


All in all, there were no bad experiences here. There’s no doubt that Secret Nature puts in the work and hands-on care that they claim, and each premium indoor CBD Hemp Flower strain offered a unique, aromatic experience. As self-proclaimed connoisseurs, we think the flower looks, smells, and performs like artisan-quality bud, and it easily deserves its “top-shelf” title. 

With so many options to choose from, Secret Nature CBD Hemp flower could be a great choice for new and experienced CBD users alike, especially those looking for a true, natural cannabis experience.

First Hand Review


I absolutely love this strain and the flower I received. I got a quarter and from both containers the flower looks fantastic. The buds are super sticky, but fluffy, and it smells identical to the floral strain lavender.

Hope Z.


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