Secret Nature CBD Hemp Pre-Rolled Joints Review

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Secret Nature CBD Hemp Pre-Rolled Joints

Secret Nature CBD Hemp Pre-Rolled Joints are hand-rolled from the brand’s top-shelf hemp flower, but is the quality worth the convenience? 

Secret Nature’s CBD Pre-Rolls are available in two- and seven-packs rolled from the brand’s premium indoor organic hemp flower, including popular strains like Cherry Cough and Citron.  Each joint has a CBD content hovering around 100 mg that varies by strain. Aside from premium pre-rolled joints, the brand also offers multiple pre-rolled cigar varieties that are more than five times as potent and offer a slow, smooth burn. 

We grabbed two varieties of Hemp CBD Pre-Rolled Joints from Secret Nature (Papaya Nights and Frosted Kush) and a Cherry Cough CBD Cigar to give you all the details of a hands-on experience.

Secret Nature CBD Hemp Pre-Rolled Joints Overview

Secret Nature has dedicated years to carefully perfecting the organic hemp-growing process. Every strain is indoor-grown in Colorado or Oregon. The brand utilizes both natural sunlight and high-powered grow lights to help cultivate terpene-rich, fragrant buds that are highly potent and free of pesticides. Then, buds are trimmed by hand, carefully cured, and hand-rolled to create the premium pre-roll selection. Pre-rolls are packaged with food-grade seals to maintain freshness right up until they are smoked.  

Each pre-roll is hand rolled with 0.6 grams of premium hemp flower in organic hemp paper. Cigars include three grams of premium hemp flower, alongside a mixture of CBD hash and CBD isolate, and are supposed to burn for over one hour. 

Secret Nature adheres to a stringent lab-testing regimen to offer consumers peace of mind.  The hemp flower used is tested at an ISO-certified laboratory for cannabinoid potency and terpene content, as well as contaminants like pesticides, mold, fungus, and bacteria. The test results can be found by scanning the QR code on every package. 

It costs $15 for the CBD Hemp Pre-Roll two-pack, or roughly $12.50 per gram. Or, opt for the seven-pack pre-rolls that cost $40, or about $9.50 per gram. We think this is a fair price, especially when you buy larger quantities, if the hemp tops the charts like it claims.

Secret Nature CBD Hemp Pre-Rolled Joints First-Hand Review

At first glance, Secret Nature CBD Hemp Pre-Rolled Joints are well-packed and well-rolled with sturdy filter tips. Although these joints are significantly smaller than many pre-rolls we’ve tried (that contain up to one-and-a-half grams), we didn’t necessarily mind. In fact, larger pre-rolls are often thicker and we feel that a lot of the hemp gets wasted, especially when smoking solo. 

These compact joints are perfect sized for a solo session, but are highly-potent and can easily be shared. The flower inside is finely ground and tightly packed, resulting in an incredibly slow burn.

At first the joint seemed a little too tight—the first few puffs required pretty hard pulls—but the issue seemed to resolve itself after the joints were well lit. In general, these had medium air-flow, so you won’t get huge clouds from these CBD pre-rolls, but you do get great dosing control and flavor. Each variety performed the same in terms of how these CBD pre-rolls burned, but the two strains we tried were very different. 

Papaya Nights Hemp CBD Pre-Rolled Joints

Given the name, we expected the Papaya Nights hemp pre-roll to taste sweet and fruity, and we weren’t disappointed. The initial taste was only mildly sweet, but was immediately overtaken by strong tropical tones and lingering citrus notes. 

Within minutes of our first exhale, we began to feel slightly more focused, and after about 15 minutes there was no denying the cognitive-enhancing effects of this strain. Plus, we felt a certain sense of “relief” from stress that uplifted our mood and prepared us for the tasks ahead. 

The flavor and effects were more than enjoyable, and we found that we preferred these joints early in the day. Typically, we were able to get the mental boost we needed by smoking about half a joint at a time.

Frosted Kush Hemp CBD Pre-Rolled Joints

The Frosted Kush Pre-Rolls from Secret Nature offered a unique experience that was in-line with what we expected from a Kush blend. These pre-rolls are bold and pungent with a delicate fruity aftertaste that lingers. The aroma is equally as pleasant and offers a relaxing therapeutic experience in itself. 

We pulled these pre-rolls out late in the afternoon to share with a friend, and the effects were a blend of euphoria and enhanced mood that made us double check the label, fully expecting this strain to be a hybrid. Instead, Frosted Kush is a potent indica that seems to hit the body and the mind—sending the body to a relaxed state and the mind to a creative space. We noted that this strain seemed like it would “hit the spot” for social anxiety (although we were currently in great company), without the strong sedative-like effects of some indica-heavy strains. 

Cherry Cough CBD Cigar

The Cherry Cough CBD Cigar was a definite treat that doubles as a great option for sharing or for solo smoking. The variety we tried was rolled with organic cannabis leaves and fit with a wooden tip. After unpacking the cigar according to the instructions, we lit it up right away (no need to snip the end—you won’t need anything extra except a lighter). The “slow burn” is truly a slow burn, and after about 10 minutes of passing this cigar around with friends, we had hardly put a dent in it.

The taste lingers between sweet and pungent, with strong herbal notes that we assume come from the cannabis leaves. Overall, the experience was incredibly aromatic and enjoyable, but this isn’t the type of pre-roll you want if you need something discreet. 

The effects from this cigar were undeniable. In minutes, we felt relaxed. A few puffs more and physical tension seemed to melt away. We even noted that this potent dose helped take the edge off of back pain similarly to our regular CBD tincture dose.

This hybrid strain is perfectly balanced for social settings, but could be enjoyed alone as a way to unwind at the end of the day. If smoking alone, this cigar could last days or weeks (depending on your dosing frequency). We found that dropping it back into the plastic tube it came packaged in kept it fresh for over a week (until we had finished it). 


Ultimately, these pre-rolls exceeded expectations. Each variety tasted fresh and burned slow, making them all a great choice for smoking alone or with friends. Secret Nature’s dedication to quality and freshness shines through each CBD Hemp Pre-Rolled Joint we tried, and we think these make a great option for beginners and advanced CBD users looking for a true hemp experience.

First Hand Review


Great product. If you know what to expect with CBD, this is perfect. Quality of these joints was quite impressive.

Jack P.


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