CBD PM for Sleep - Mint - 500 mg - 30 mL

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Smell (Irrelevant to effects)

When we first opened the bottle of cbdMD CBD PM Oil Tincture Spray we immediately noticed that this sleep-inducing CBD spray smelled intensely minty — like, intensely minty.  The overall effect is not unlike that of a dental product — clean, bright, and quite potent.  It’s almost a little aggressive, which makes us think that the flavor will reflect that, erm, zeal.  Then again, the powerful mint scent makes sense, as the drops contain a proprietary blend of passion flowercascade hopsvalerian rootchamomile flower, and lemon balm, along with melatonin.

Some of these compounds, most notably stinky valerian, and bitter hops, likely impart a stronger taste than CBD alone that the extra dose of mint extract attempts to help mask.  Having smelled and tasted straight valerian root before (it’s sometimes brewed into a tea — a very pungent, smelly tea — or sold in capsules), we’re willing to bet that the flavor of this sleep oil will be more tolerable than it would be without the mint, but we’ll see.

Taste (Irrelevant to effects)

The spray format of this oil amplifies the flavor while dispersing it throughout the mouth, making for a very, erm, potent experience.  The flavor of the oil is intensely, unmistakably minty, to the point of being a bit astringent and a touch bitter on the finish. The flavor is also long-lasting — it sticks around for several minutes after consumption and did produce some unpleasant minty burps in a few testers.

That said, the spray format helps the oil absorb through the mucosa of the mouth, making for faster absorption into the bloodstream and, therefore, a quicker onset of effects.  So, really, it’s a bit of a trade-off — faster sleepiness, but a very intense taste that may not be appealing. If the spray pump is too aggressive for you, you can use the included dropper to dose sublingually; just be sure to hold it under your tongue for about a minute.

While a glass of water after taking the oil helps to reduce the taste (we strongly suggest you avoid orange juice!), we found we liked this spray best when we used it a few minutes before brushing our teeth.  We administered the recommended dose of 5 sprays, then waited 5-10 minutes before starting our evening dental hygiene routine. This allowed us to get rid of the overly minty taste in time for bed.


The CBD sleep spray itself is a yellow amber in color and clear.  The oil is free-flowing and absorbs quickly into the soft tissues of the mouth when sprayed orally.  As with any oil, it may stain clothing and upholstery, so be sure to mind the positioning of the sprayer before pressing down on it. Also, it helps to use the included protective cap between doses, especially while traveling.

The spray pump propels the product into the mouth at considerable force in a fine, misty stream.  It’s effective, but it is also pretty intense and disperses the product in a way that magnifies the flavor (which, as we mentioned before, is already pretty extreme).  If you find the sprayer to be too much, you can always use the included dropper for dosing instead.


The regular CBD oil didn't really help me sleep better, but this product does!


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