Farmacy Bliss Cherry Abacus Vape Product Review



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Brand Details

  • Full Spectrum
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made
  • Vegan


Pros & Cons


  • Fast-acting
  • Relaxing effects
  • Pleasant flavor


  • Not a discreet dosing method

Farmacy Bliss at a Glance

Farmacy Bliss is a small, family-operated hemp company focused on providing scientifically-formulated full-spectrum CBD products that are genuinely safe and effective. The entire product line is balanced on USDA Organic Certified hemp material that’s quality tested before production begins. 

The product selection includes various oils, capsules, and vapes, including innovative concoctions like this Hemp Live Resin Cherry Abacus CBD Vape Cartridge. Many products even meet specific dietary needs, like being free of dairy and animal products or being Kosher Certified, so the Farmacy Bliss collection is accessible to many CBD consumers. 

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Farmacy Bliss Coupon Code

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Farmacy Bliss Cherry Abacus CBD Vape Cart Overview

This Cherry Abacus CBD Vape Cart is designed using the brand’s innovative Live Resin extract, a form of hemp extract that’s derived from frozen hemp material. The brand uses this method because they claim it best preserves the natural cannabinoid integrity of the original hemp material, hopefully to provide a more effective dosing experience. 

Like other Farmacy Bliss products, the Cherry Abacus Vape cart is made with full-spectrum CBD extract, although it’s not initially clear how much CBD the cartridge actually contains. While there’s no specific mention of the CBD content on the label, we were able to use the third-party test results to determine that the formula is approximately 50% CBD. The cartridge holds 1 gram of oil, which means it holds approximately 500 mg of CBD. The test results also keyed us in on a moderate CBN content, around 19%, or around 190 mg per cart.  

There’s no flavor additives, just the Cherry Abacus terpenes used to profile the popular hemp strain. In fact, hemp derivatives are the only ingredients here. That means this vape is a clean, natural dosing choice that’s free of dietary allergens, synthetic flavors, and propylene glycol, a potential toxin frequently found in similar vape products. 

The cart itself is a standard 510 threaded cart that will work with any basic battery, but you’ll need to purchase the battery and charger separately. We appreciate that the vape cart comes sealed in tamper-evident, frustration-free packaging. Like other Farmacy Bliss producers we’ve tried, the label was complete with batch number, expiration date, and QR code linking to the correct Certificate of Analysis—all things we look for in a quality CBD product.

Product Details:

  • Live Resin CBD derived from hemp flower
  • Full-spectrum hemp CBD oil
  • Cherry Abacus hemp strain
  • Extracted from organically-grown hemp
  • Free of solvents, additives, pesticides, heavy metals
  • Ceramic mouthpiece
  • Net wt 1.0g
  • Battery NOT included (get battery & charger)
  • Suggested usage: Up to 3 four-second puffs

*This product requires a battery compatible with 510-thread vape cartridges.

Farmacy Bliss Cherry Abacus CBD Vape Cartridge First-Hand Review

We already have some experience with Cherry Abacus hemp flower, so we definitely wanted to see how this Live Resin Cherry Abacus CBD Cart stacked up against the real thing. We started with only a small 3-second dose as the label recommended. Here’s how it went down:


The vape smells hempy, potent, but sweet and spicy. This is one of the more aromatic CBD vapes we’ve tried, and while it is incredibly pleasant, it’s not what we would call discreet. 


The Cherry Abacus CBD strain is popularly known for its cherry cola-esque flavor, and we have to say that we think this Farmacy Bliss CBD cart hit the spot. The flavor is bold and earthy with a spiced cherry tinge, but it’s also lightly sweet and pleasant on the throat.


The CBD pen emits a bold, thick vapor, but it’s still pretty easy on the throat. You can definitely feel the hit each time and this isn’t the type of vape where you’ll feel the need to take long, hard drags just to get a taste. 


As we’d hoped, the effects from this Cherry Abacus vape cart hit fast. A few minutes after dosing, we felt a sense of relaxation wash over our body and mind. It was apparent immediately that this vape is best for evening use, but we didn’t exactly feel “couch locked” either. The smooth effects were most apparent in the way they relaxed our muscles, including our perpetually tight shoulders and back.

Nothing about this vape was sedating, but we easily melted into bed with a good book and a peaceful mind which made it easy to eventually fall asleep. This relaxing euphoria lasted a couple of hours before it started to fade, and just a few more quick puffs kept the breezy feeling going for about 4 hours total. The best part about this vape is that it’s incredibly relaxing but still suitable for daytime use. We never felt foggy or lazy, just at ease.

Live Resin Cherry Abacus CBD Vape Cart Price & Comparison

This Cherry Abacus Disposable Vape Cart seems to contain about 500mg of CBD and costs $49.99, which rounds out to about $0.10 per milligram of CBD. That’s pretty middle ground pricing for just CBD, but keep in mind that CBD only accounts for about half of the oil by weight. The rest is reserved for other cannabinoids and terpenes used for strain profiling. In other words, this vape cart offers more value than it appears to at first glance. 

Competitor’s CBD Vape Pricing


Strength (mg) Price ($)


Secret Nature

700 $30.00 $0.04

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Our Farmacy Bliss discount code saves you 20%, which brings this vape to $40.

Farmacy Bliss Delta-8-THC Vape Pen Quality

Farmacy Bliss notoriously follows strict quality standards and provides full access to third-party lab test results on every product page. We’re happy to report that each product is labeled with the batch code and even a QR code that takes you directly to the correct lab report. Unlike many companies who simply test products after production, Farmacy Bliss also implements quality testing for the original hemp material.

The CBD cartridge itself is standard, but made from heat safe materials (ceramic) and we had no issues with leaks, clogs, or poor vapor output.


This Farmacy Bliss Cherry Abacus CBD Vape Cart was pleasantly similar to the Cherry Abacus hemp flower, and is far more portable and discrete. The body effects of this vape were apparent, which we possibly lend to the “Live Resin” formula. With such strict quality standards, we’re happy to recommend this CBD vape cart to anyone looking for a quick, natural chill. Since doses are easily stacked in small portions, it could even make a good option for new consumers looking to ease into CBD dosing.