SeaBeDee Lavender Sleep Blend CBD Oil Tincture (500mg) Review

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  • Full Spectrum
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made
  • Organic
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Smell (Irrelevant to effects)

SeaBeDee offers two varieties of their Sleep Blend tincture: the original, unflavored oil and a lavender-infused version for an extra layer of soothing botanical relief. We tried both, and here’s what we think:

  • Original Sleep Blend: This original sleep blend tincture includes a proprietary terpene blend that gives it a mild and natural smell. The smell is slightly sweet and leaves behind the smallest touch of a grassy, even slightly floral aroma.
  • Lavender Sleep Blend: The lavender blend is incredibly aromatic and smells much like the lavender essential oil it’s made with. The scent is not overwhelming, but definitely stronger and more assertive than the original blend.

Taste (Irrelevant to effects)

Again, each sleep blend variety has its own unique flavor, and these two blends are very different in nature:

  • Original Sleep Blend: The flavor of this tincture is consistent with many of the SeaBeDee tinctures we’ve tried in that it has a light, airy feel that is only mildly disrupted by a “hempy” taste. Likely, this grassy, nutty background flavor is a direct result of the “proprietary terpene blend” used to help this tincture target sleep issues. The flavor of this tincture is not overwhelming in the least.
  • Lavender Sleep Blend: This is the first of SeaBeDee’s tinctures that we’ve tried that sported a particularly strong — and, to be honest, a bit unpleasant — flavor. Presumably a result of the lavender essential oil in this formula, the light, subtle taste of the oil is disrupted by a perfume-like flavor. While lavender has a place in cuisine, we found this blend to be a bit too aggressively floral for our tastes. Of course, if the lavender oil serves its purpose to enhance relaxation and sleep for you, then the unpleasant flavor of the lavender oil is likely worth the short-lived yuck.


Both versions of this CBD Sleep Blend are made with a thin full spectrum hemp oil that is smooth and delicate. The oil is lightly golden from trace plant material, but leaves nothing behind after swallowing. It’s easy to dose these tinctures with the attached dropper lid, so dosing before bed is as easy as ever.

Effects (Onset, Duration, Intensity)

Two testers got to experience both varieties of this sleep tincture, one of which suffered from sleeplessness due to a PTSD diagnosis. The tester took the recommended dosage (1 dropper, or 17mg) approximately 1 hour before bed. Though he frequently has a rough experience around nighttime (it can sometimes take up to three hours of silence for him to fall asleep) that wasn’t the case after this tincture. He fell asleep much more quickly, about 1.5 hours after dosing. After trying both versions on alternating days for a total of six nights (and decidedly increasing his dose to around 30mg), he reported a similar onset each night.

The main difference between the two was the sleep time. The original blend helped him fall asleep quickly, but he still found himself awake and restless again through the middle of the night, a problem that persisted through multiple prescription medications. The nights that the Lavender blend was used he slept more soundly, waking up only once in three nights (and he was able to go quickly back to sleep).

For a bit of a different perspective, we also decided to try this tincture in hopes of “correcting” a sleep schedule in a recently postpartum mother. Her son, who is six months old, recently began sleeping through the night, but she still wakes frequently. After hearing her talk of how tired she felt and how she was worried about her maternity leave coming to an end, we offered her the lavender sleep blend.

She used it diligently every night for four days before reporting back. The first night, she experienced nothing significant. Gradually, however, she began falling asleep quickly, and after day four she was comfortable comparing the effects of this tincture to melatonin. More importantly, she noted that the tincture helped her “sleep gently” so that she could still wake in the case that her infant did, which was her main concern when considering over the counter sleep aids.

While neither of our testers directly commented on the duration of the oil’s effects, neither reported needing to take a second dose throughout the night to reap the benefits they described.

Best used for

Cannabidiol has been linked to the sleep cycle in several ways, including as a wake-promoting agent that can help manage sleep-wake cycles. Some experts believe that Cannabidiol has a biphasic effect, much like alcohol. In other words, they believe that CBD acts as a stimulant in small doses, but behaves more like a sedative in larger doses.

This sleep blend may be appropriate for managing a variety of different sleep-related ailments, including both daytime and nighttime sleep disorders. Depending on your condition, you may need to work alongside your healthcare professional to design the best CBD sleep routine for you.

Best used with (Complimentary Product)

These tinctures can be used on their own to help combat sleep issues, and we experienced positive results when using them individually. Keep in mind that tinctures take up to 90 minutes to take effect, so you may need to take it around an hour before you hope to lay down.

If immediate dosing is needed through the night, you could consider an Indica-dominant CBD vape pen, like Comfort Leaf CBD + Gelato Indica Vape Cartridge. The cartridge lacks the psychoactive THC of its indica roots, but retains the soothing terpene profile that may help promote relaxation and encourage sleepiness. Alternatively, many people prefer edibles like CBD gummies to vaporizers. We recommend CBDistillery Night Time CBD Gummies as a tasty way to help the mind and body relax before bedtime.


This 500 mg bottle of SeaBeDee’s sleep tinctures (both the Natural blend and Lavender variety) is listed at a price of $57.95, which means they cost about $0.12 per milligram of CBD. This comes in at a slightly higher price point than some similar products, like cbdMD CBD PM Oil Tincture Drops, which cost $44.99 for a 500 mg bottle.

Many other products rely on melatonin rather than CBD for their sleep-enhancing qualities, so if you’re looking for purely CBD-mediated relief, SeaBeDee definitely offers a fair value as far as organic cannabidiol products go.


There are numerous CBD products designed to enhance sleep or manage sleep issues. Unless you prefer to avoid tinctures altogether, we see no compelling reason to skip this product for help improving your sleep hygiene.

One product specifically designed for severe sleep concerns includes cbdMD’s CBD PM Oil Spray. Unlike tinctures designed to be administered sublingually, cbdMD’s formula blends CBD with a touch of melatonin in a convenient spray applicator. If you’ve tried CBD sleep blends in the past and still came up sleep-deprived, the melatonin in the formula may help to encourage your body and mind to power down more readily at the end of the day.


SeaBeDee Sleep Blend

500 mg Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

100% Natural

3rd Party Lab Tested for Potency and Purity


Suggested Use: Shake well. Take 1-2 Servings daily or as needed. Hold under tongue for 60 seconds and swallow.

Serving Size: (1 Dropper) 17mg CBD

Servings Per Container: 30

**Contains less than 0.3% THC

Ingredients (Original Blend):Full Spectrum CBD Oil, MCT Oil, Proprietary Terpene Blend

Ingredients (Lavender Blend): Full Spectrum CBD Oil, MCT Oil, Terpene Blend, Lavender Oil

First Hand Review


Ok. Seriously. This works. I was expecting it to be BS, I tried it and have truly slept without my normal issues. Love what you guys are doing!

Aubre L


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