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Soul CBD Gummies

Soul CBD Gummies promise a delicious, vegan solution to daily stressors, but do the fruit flavored chewables perform as well as they claim?

The Soul CBD Gummies pack a mild 10 mg dose of CBD into each sugar-coated bite and are available in four flavor options—Orange Cream, Raspberry, Strawberry, and Coconut Vanilla. The cube-shaped treats come thirty to a bottle, feature vegan-friendly ingredients, and are made without THC, making them accessible to almost anyone. The brand touts them as an on-the-go “soulmate” for your multi-vitamin, and the chewable design undoubtedly makes them an easy addition to a daily wellness routine. 

Of course, experience tells us there’s more to CBD than sweet flavors and appealing label designs. We wanted to know if they actually work. We’re always eager to try new CBD Gummies, especially vegan formulas, so we grabbed the Strawberry variety of these gummies to put them to the test. 

Soul CBD Gummies Overview

Soul CBD is another conscious, health-centric CBD brand focused on using quality ingredients to produce products that improve quality of life for their customers. The brand starts with organic, gluten-free hemp grown in the U.S. Then, they use industrial-grade CO2 extraction to produce the clean, potent CBD extract that is used in these CBD gummies. 

Purity and cleanliness is something that Soul CBD touts numerous times on their website, so we were happy to find that the brand is true to their word. These gummies are made with a short list of quality ingredients, and they are free of artificial additives, animal products, and food dyes. Instead, they use plant-based ingredients like organic cane sugar, organic tapioca syrup, pectin, organic fruit and vegetable juice to offer various formulations that are accessible to most people. The gummies are vegan, gluten free, and THC-free, so they’ll fit into most wellness routines. 

The brand also offers access to their lab tests, which prove the accurate potency and absence of other cannabinoids, heavy metals, pathogens, and microbiological contaminants.

These CBD gummies cost $39.99 for the 30 count bottle, which has 300 mg of CBD total. That means you’ll pay about $0.13 per milligram, which is an average price for CBD gummies. Considering this gummy is high-quality and vegan (which means it’s more costly to produce), we think this is a fair price! Plus, you can use the handy subscription option to save 15 percent on your order!

Soul CBD Gummies First-Hand Review

As soon as we opened the Soul CBD Gummies, our mouth started watering. These strawberry-flavored, cube-shaped, sugar-coated chewables look tantalizing before even breaking the seal, so we were eager to crack the bottle open. We started with one 10 mg gummy, which we let dissolve some in our mouth before finishing it off in a couple of bites.

The smell is sweet and slightly sour, like a medley of citrus fruit. We can’t say that the smell was inherently “strawberry,” but it was pleasing to the senses. The taste, however, was spot on—similar to the strawberry cream hard candies you could find tucked away in your grandmother’s purse. The gummies are firm, but start to melt easily in the mouth. They aren’t too sticky, which is an upgrade to many delicate vegan gummies we’ve tried in the past. 

Although the experience was flavorful and pleasant, we didn’t notice much from the 10 mg dose. After about an hour, we did feel a little “lighter” on our feet, but decided to give it another go with two gummies, which is closer to our regular dose. 

The double dose proved itself worthy. The effects onset after about 75 minutes and offered what we expect from our daily CBD routine. The residual day-to-day anxiety began to fade and we found ourselves more capable of focusing on the task at hand. Two Soul CBD Gummies offered a delightful “lift” that made us feel productive and awake, without feeling rigid or jittery like we do when we double up on caffeine. 

After extensively testing these gummies for several days, we found similar results each time, with effects that lasted just at five hours. We also found that a single gummy as a second dose was plenty to extend the calming, elevated feeling throughout the rest of the day.

We’d like to note that we are experienced with CBD, and our dosage has increased slightly over time. These gummies perform as well as any high-quality CBD we’ve tested, and a 10 mg dose may be enough for many people. With that said, we think that these CBD gummies offer a tasty, convenient dose that would work well for beginners. The delicious flavor, prominent effects, and mild dose make it a palatable and effective option for anyone’s regular wellness routine. 

First Hand Review


I was tired of taking ibuprofen everything just to make through the day. Taking one gummy every few days has eliminated the ibuprofen! Bonus it helps me sleep at night

Sophie P.


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