Specktra CBD Transdermal Patch Review

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DISCLAIMER: Discontinued

This product is no longer being made. To find an appropriate alternative, we recommend Hemp Bombs Pain CBD Patches


Specktra’s CBD Transdermal Patch combines the power of full-spectrum hemp and organic essential oils and claims to provide up to 96 hours of relief, but does it live up to the hype? 

The CBD Pain Patch from Specktra is part of the Relief line (which also includes a tincture and vape), but offers a 60 mg dose that’s meant to help combat pain all on its own. The single patch can be worn for up to four days and provides immediate and consistent doses of transdermal CBD directly to the bloodstream.

A single patch can be purchased for $18.00, but the brand offers a discount on multipacks and includes these patches in some of their CBD bundles. The transdermal CBD patch is a convenient and mess-free way to reap the benefits of CBD for persistent ailments, and can provide a solid base for building a multi-faceted CBD regimen.

Specktra CBD Transdermal Patch

Specktra CBD Transdermal Patch Overview

There aren’t many products like Specktra’s CBD Pain Relief Patch available—making this transdermal patch a unique experience for us right out of the gate. Still, the patch is made according to the same high-standards that Specktra adheres to for every product in their line. The California-based brand sources their hemp from their local farms, which is used to create the proprietary full-spectrum hemp extract used for these transdermal patches. The brand also uses only organic ingredients to create this hypo-allergenic transdermal patch, like aloe vera, oleic acid, shea butter, and safflower oil, but never additives or fillers. 

Like the rest of Specktra’s line, the Pain Relief Patch is pesticide-free and backed with in-house and third-party lab tests that verify potency, purity, and consistency for every batch. You can easily find these tests on the brand’s website on the product’s page—a testament to the brand’s transparency. 

These patches are the perfect option for getting CBD relief around the clock—once you apply the patch there’s no need to remove it for four days. Plus, the Relief line also includes a tincture and vaporizer that make it easy to stack on more CBD relief as needed. 

Specktra offers free shipping to all 50 states, so it’s easy to get your hands on these CBD transdermal patches. For multifaceted CBD relief, you may even consider one of Specktra’s CBD bundles.

Specktra CBD Transdermal Patch

Specktra CBD Transdermal Patch First-Hand Review

We had the pleasure of personally reviewing Specktra’s CBD transdermal patch and we weren’t disappointed. The benefits of the patch were apparent about 15 minutes after applying, starting with less inflammation and pain surrounding a spine injury. Generally speaking, the effects are mild, and for our most severe pain flares we needed to pair this CBD transdermal patch with Specktra’s Relief Tincture. The combination of the two eliminated even severe pain entirely for about six hours, and the pain never returned at full strength over the course of the four days. 

We aren’t quite sure exactly how quickly the patch delivers CBD to the bloodstream, but 60 mg over the course of the four days we wore the patch equates to 15 mg per day if the CBD is distributed consistently. This is a tad shy of the 20-40 mg of CBD we take daily to combat back pain and more, so we weren’t surprised that we needed to add a tincture dose as well. There’s no question, though, that we felt more relief each day even before a tincture dose, even on the fourth day of wearing this patch. With that in mind, we think beginners or those who benefit from a mild CBD dose may be able to use this patch on their own, but experienced users can definitely benefit from this convenient transdermal dose as well. 

Additionally, we’d like to note that the patch was plenty sticky to stay on the full four days. It left a little residue and we used coconut oil to help remove it, but it wasn’t a difficult process. Because it’s maintenance free for 96-hours and provides consistent relief, this patch could be a lifesaver for those who experience chronic pain.

First Hand Review


I used this patch on my wrist and my knee for the four days allotted. I can say honestly, the pain in my knee subsided the next morning, the pain in my wrist took a little longer to subside, but I was using my wrist as if nothing happened in less than 24 hours. I also took showers with the patches and they did not come off. This is truly a great product!

Kecia B.


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