TerraVita Relax CBD Bath Soak Review

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Brand Details

  • THC Free
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made
  • Organic


Pros & Cons


  • Easy way to achieve full-body application
  • Nano Broad Spectrum Water-Soluble CBD Hemp Extract (THC-Free)
  • Third-party tested with easy access to lab results
  • Multiple servings per jar


  • May not be best for localized relief

TerraVita at a Glance

TerraVita takes a botanical approach to CBD in their multidimensional product line, which includes tinctures, topicals, bath soaks, and even pet products. These natural blends offer targeted effects to help you Relax, Recover, Revive, and more. Check out TerraVita to see what they have to offer. 


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TerraVita Relax CBD Bath Soak Overview

TerraVita Relax CBD Bath Soak combines Himalayan Pink Salt, Epsom Salt, Aloe Vera Oil, and a blend of essential oils with a Nano Broad Spectrum Water-Soluble CBD Extract. This proprietary formula, which the brand calls a “Stress Detox” is designed to dissolve and disperse in warm bathwater, providing the entire body with a hearty dose of CBD. The blend features a unique essential oil formula thought to help stave off stress, which quality bath salts work to detoxify and loosen dry skin. This 12oz jar features 250mg of CBD that’s meant to be divided into 5 servings (scooper and serving suggestions included), which equates to 50mg of CBD per bath—a suitable dose for topical relief.

We can’t say we weren’t excited to try this Stress Detox Soak. After all, who isn’t eager to destress? The salts arrived neatly packaged and quality-sealed. The addition of a scooper to help accurately dose these Bath Salts was a huge plus—many previous experiences included haphazardly pouring a random amount and hoping for the best.

TerraVita Relax CBD Bath Soak First Hand Review

We tested TerraVita’s Relax bath soak, which features a unique blend of botanicals designed to melt away stress. The brand offers two other varieties of their CBD Bath Soak—Recover, for muscle relief and Revive, a moisturizing skin detox. The container has 5 servings and the directions suggest using “four heaping scoops” per bath, so that’s what we did.


TerraVita Relax CBD Bath Soak smells nice and sweet. At first we thought it may be vanilla scented, but upon further investigation we learned that it carries a combination of almond and lavender oil, which is a light and pleasant combination. The smell transcends the bathwater and lasts subtly on your skin after you rinse, which was a pleasant surprise. 


It’s pretty standard bath salt, so grainy but lush salt crystals with a pinkish tone (from Himalayan Pink Salt). It dissolves in warm water, just like it should, and adds a silky, soothing texture to bathwater. No tub ring, which is like because it doesn’t include artificial color–definitely a plus.


Our product tester was “totally exhausted” when she tossed this into her bathwater, and was quickly elated at how quickly CBD took charge. After only a few minutes, tension began to float away, leaving the entire body relaxed. The pleasant scent and essential oil blend definitely took part in this action, but the real relief came just at the end of the 20 minute soak (after CBD had time to take full effect). The result was like walking on new legs, and the mild bodily euphoria persisted well into the afternoon, making for a great night’s sleep. This is the type of product you use when you’re needing a full refresher from head to toe, and it doesn’t disappoint!


TerraVita Focus Relax CBD Bath Soak Price & Comparison

TerraVita’s bath soaks cost $60 and include 250mg of CBD per jar, which have 12 oz of bath salts each. That’s about $0.24 per milligram, which is not too bad for this type of product. That’s a very middle road price for CBD topicals in general, and bath salts have been known to cost more. For comparison, Canna Comforts CBD Grapefruit Bath Salt is a quality option for relief, and it cost about $0.33 per milligram. 

TerraVita products already provide high-quality for a fair price, but our discount code helps you save even more on the relief you need. Our Terra Vita coupon code knocks 10% off the price—–

TerraVita Focus Relax CBD Bath Soak Quality

TerraVita is straightforward and through when it comes to quality, and this Bath Soak is made only from quality Epsom and Himalayan Pink Salt, natural essential oils, and Nano Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract. To ensure quality, TerraVita has every batch tested in a third party lab and proudly displays those results on their website. You can find the test results for this bath soak by scanning the QR code on the back of the jar.

We enjoyed the full experience with this CBD Bath Soak, from the first whiff of the jar to the very prominent relaxing effects. We never noticed anything strange or off-putting, even after a lengthy soak with mildly sensitive skin. That, in combination with the natural ingredients and brand transparency, makes us comfortable using it time and time again.

Customer Reviews

“Love this so much! After a long day of being a working mom, this is the way I end my day now when my husband gets home. I love it and I feel great!” -Dana F

“Stress Free Living! Thankful for this soak. I feel amazing and it reduces my anxiety after work” -Vicky M.


We’ve tried other CBD bath products, and this one definitely holds its own. Aside from making our bath and skin smell delightful, we were impressed with how long the effects lasted and how very prominent they were.

Other brands offer similar options, like Canna Comforts Seven Isles CBD Bath Crumble, which we also enjoyed. Still, we think that TerraVita’s Relax Bath Soak can handle a good deal of stress, and makes a perfect complement to one of TerraVita’s CBD Tinctures as part of a multifaceted wellness routine. 

First Hand Review


This stuff is epic! Smells great and is what I use when I need a little jump start to my days to get in the right state of mind.

Johnny S


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