Vital Body Therapeutics CBD Mineral Bath Soak Product Review

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Brand Details

  • Full Spectrum
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made
  • Organic
  • Vegan


Pros & Cons


  • Full body application for stubborn aches and pains
  • A pleasant, soothing scent
  • Professionally formulated
  • Great price


  • Only one scent option

Vital Body Therapeutics at a Glance

Vital Body Therapeutics offers a small, impressive CBD line balanced on careful herbal blends and organically-derived broad-spectrum CBD extract. The woman-owned company mostly focuses on creating spa-quality topicals, like body balms and bath products (in fact, they use their products in their own California-based spa), but also offers a small collection of systemic products. 

In addition to this Lavender and Bergamot CBD Mineral Soak, you can grab their Extra Strength CBD Cream and Restore CBD + Turmeric Tincture to create a full-coverage CBD regimen for managing aches, stress, and more.

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Vital Body Therapeutics CBD Mineral Bath Soak Overview

The Vital Body Therapeutics CBD Mineral Bath Soak offers a convenient, all-over application that manifests as a spa treatment in the comfort of your own home. This CBD bath salt formula includes a blend of mineral salts, sunflower oil, cannabis Sativa oil, and a potent dose of broad-spectrum CBD. This, paired with fragrant lavender, ho wood oil, and bergamot oil, offers a bath soak that’s designed to rejuvenate skin, relax sore muscles and aggravated nerves, and restore overall wellbeing.  

You can grab this THC-free bath salt formula in sample size or bulk size depending on your needs:

  • The 4 oz bag contains 25 mg of CBD
  • The 16 oz bag contains 100 mg of CBD
  • The 8lb bag contains 800 mg of CBD

Our Vital Body Therapeutics products came carefully packaged and beautifully labeled. We got major spa-quality, boutique vibes from the whole thing, so this Mineral Soak was like a little gift to ourselves (and would make an excellent gift for a friend, too!)

CBD Mineral Bath Soak First-Hand Review

The Vital Body Therapeutics line is, by nature, small and concise, so we weren’t surprised that the Lavender and Bergamot was the only bath salt variety available. Of course, we are always concerned with quality over quantity, so we were eager to give it a shot. Here’s what we found:


As soon as we opened the zipper-sealed bag, the floral lavender fragrance kind of slapped us in the face. We aren’t complaining—lavender oil makes for an incredibly soothing, pleasant bath—but the bergamot fragrance was much more of an undertone than a prominent feature.


It’s a bath salt, so it’s probably just as you’d expect in its dry form. We love that it added a bit of a slippery oil feel to our bathwater, and the moisturizing effects were very apparent after our bath. 


We felt immediately relaxed after slipping into the bath. Of course, it’s hard not to feel that way while submerged in a hot bath in a dim-lit room. Still, the powerful floral scent added a tranquil flair to the experience. 

What’s most impressive is how we felt after the bath. There was no pain, not even the stubborn nerve pain we frequently experienced in our lower back. We felt “well-oiled,” for lack of a better term. Not just because of the thin layer of oily moisture over our skin, but because our joints felt loose and we were light on our feet, just like after a good spa day.

CBD Mineral Bath Soak Price & Comparison

Vital Body Therapeutics CBD Mineral Bath Soak Pricing


Price $/mg
25 mg $15.00


100 mg



800 mg  $69.00


We think this pricing is more than fair. After all, this bath soak was professionally formulated by Advanced Rolfer Kelly Stoll and Massage Therapist Jennifer Galvin, and is the exact bath soak used in their own high-end, California-based spa. In other words, you can bring the spa home for a fraction of the price. Similar products, like Ambary Gardens Soothing Soak, come at more than double the price.

Our coupon code [CBDE20] can knock this price down by 20%, meaning this CBD Mineral Soak cost just over $19.00 for 100 mg.

Vital Body Therapeutics Product Quality

As we mentioned previously, Vital Body Therapeutics is an extension of Vital Body Therapy, a clinical spa in Santa Cruz, California. They’ve used their products at their spa to serve over 50,000 clients and counting. In other words, quality is of utmost importance to the brand, and they offer complete transparency to consumers shopping for their products online. 

It was easy to find the third-party test results on the bath soak product page (which can also be seen below), and we were happy to see that the brand sources organically wherever possible, including the use of organically-grown, CBD-rich hemp material.

The brand’s quality promise rang true for us—this mineral soak was exceptionally effective, well-formulated, and pleasant to use. 

Verified Customer Reviews

Review by Stefanie S. on 2 Nov 2021

“The best CBD bath salt ever! This bath salt is amazing! I feel incredible after I soak in a bath. All my pain and inflammation is gone. It smells wonderful as well!”



We love that Vital Body Therapeutics places a heavy focus on CBD body products, and that much of their CBD line is formulated to target inflammation and pain. This is something that other CBD brands often cover in only a small facet of their collection. 

The CBD bath soak is a wonderful alternative to one-off CBD bath bombs, and it offers a potent option for situations where a CBD muscle rub won’t cut it on its own. After our pain-free experience, there’s no question about the quality or efficacy of this bath soak. We think it makes a great option for all-over aches and pains, soothing stress, or just for amping up your self-care routine.


First Hand Review


I have osteoarthritis and a 20 minute soak after sports with this product makes all the difference. Highly recommend!!

Katina J.


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