Ken Lawson was a changed man after his experience with chronic fatigue. 

The CEO and founder of GoGenics (among other companies) cites this “transformative” health issue as what helped open his eyes to how incredibly powerful and beneficial just natural, organic ingredients can be. It was his search for a trustworthy natural supplement to meet all of his needs—“focus, sleep, anti-anxiety, and a feeling of general well-being”—that ultimately led him to consider starting this business. 

It didn’t take long for Lawson to decide to create FOCL. He sought to create a trusted wellness company that provided only the highest quality products that met his rigorous standards. He quickly assembled a team of people who also believed in that same goal to start the brand in 2019.


FOCL is now known as a next-level wellness brand that creates products to help everyone build a better baseline for their health. They don’t rely on quick fixes or temporary boosts, and never make false promises. Every product was designed to help people “Perform. Rest. LIVE BETTER.” 

All of the products that FOCL offers are created with complete transparency, so that the people who purchase them always know exactly what they’re putting in their body. They use premium hemp CBD, which is already a remarkable product, and enhance it even further by adding adaptogens (herbal pharmaceuticals) and other botanicals to make their products even more beneficial.

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Each CBD offering was designed with the help of multiple medical professionals, including chemists and doctors, as well as other wellness experts. The goal was to identify only the most effective combinations of ingredients that produce the best results for both the body and the mind (known as “Wellness Stacks”) to give people the most bang for their buck. 

FOCL took their dedication to transparency even further by starting their own organic hemp farm. Located in the New Mexico Valley, everything planted on their 120 acres is hand-selected and comes from non-GMO seedlings. Not very many CBD companies own and manage their own farms, but FOCL didn’t want to settle for anything less than knowing their product literally from start to finish.

Once harvested, FOCL’s hemp travels to one of their FDA-approved, food-grade, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant facilities for processing. The end result is a guaranteed high quality, non-GMO, vegan product. 


FOCL also holds multiple top-tier certifications including the rare TRU-ID certification, which uses cutting-edge DNA technology to quality test ingredient authenticity and integrity. In addition, all of their products are third-party tested with the results published with full transparency on their website. 

FOCL uses all that drive for quality and transparency to focus on just three products, so that each can be created to meet the high standards they set for themselves. Their current offerings are FOCL Day, FOCL Night, and FOCAL CBD Drops

FOCL Day was designed to help eliminate brain fog, increase concentration, and balance mood. These capsules, which should be taken every day, combine their premium hemp CBD with Lion’s Mane, Rhodiola rosea, L-Theanine (green tea), vitamin B6, and Bacopa Monnieri.

Its compliment, FOCL Night, also pairs their premium hemp CBD with adaptogens and botanicals. However, for capsules meant to improve sleep quality, calm the mind, and help people to fall asleep quicker and sleep more deeply, FOCL uses Ashwagandha, Valerian Root, Hops Flower, Purple Passion Flower, and Griffonia simplicifolia (5-HTP)

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Their last offering is their FOCL CBD Drops, which come in Mint, Cherry, and Orange Cream flavors. The formula combines premium broad-spectrum hemp CBD with organic MCT (baby coconut) oil to help people relax and focus. This product is even more special because it was developed alongside Dr. Lane Phillips, world-renowned doctor and CBD authority. The dropper measures out a 10 mg dose, but also allows for individual dose customization.

All of these products have already made a big impact on the CBD market and continue to be very highly reviewed. The brand will only continue to increase in popularity as more people find out about this amazing company and their game-changing products.

FOCL’s focus on transparency and desire for the highest quality products truly does set the standard in wellness. Although they haven’t been around for long, they have already proven that they are a company everyone can trust.

Visit FOCL’s website to learn more.

How Chronic Fatigue Helped Ken Lawson Create FOCL

Erin Spong

Erin Spong

After several major injuries - including 2 hip surgeries and 2 severe concussions - Erin Spong was in search of a holistic pain and anxiety management remedy. Discovering CBD after graduating from the University of Missouri, Erin found this form of medicine to be the healthiest and most reliable treatment. As the Editor of The CBD Encyclopedia, Erin is stoked to meld her passions for writing and health, and to guide others to the perfect CBD products for their needs and lifestyles.