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There are thousands of different personal vape devices available today in styles ranging from short, box mod-style units to slender vape pens. To add to the array, personal vaporizers can be absolutely bare-bones, fully adjustable to the single degree, or anywhere in between. The highly customizable models tend to scare off people new to vaping, but the ultra-basic units often deliver a suboptimal experience, leading to harsh hits that can deter people from giving vaping CBD a try.

To simplify the buying experience, many CBD manufacturers have taken to selling their own batteries to accompany their prefilled cartridges or oils. This is a good concept that takes some of the guesswork off of the consumer, but many of the batteries we’ve tried have been … lackluster. When we saw that Joy Organics had begun selling a battery to accompany their pre-filled CBD vape cartridges, though, we were curious.

We’ve been impressed with every product we’ve tried from Joy thus far, so we felt it was only fair to take their vape battery for a spin. Sleek and elegant, the white pen-style vape is discrete and lightweight, making it highly portable for use on the go as well as at home. The battery itself is about 3.25” in length and a little less than half an inch in diameter. With the Joy Organics pre-filled cartridge attached, the vape measures about 4.75” long.

For a small, simple vape device with no buttons or tactile controls whatsoever, the battery performed exceedingly well. Since it’s controlled by the strength and duration of the draws you take, it’s very intuitive for even new vape consumers. The design makes it easy to draw exactly the type of hit you’re looking for, from a quick puff to a massive, dense cloud. Here, we’ll discuss the details of the Joy Organics vape, how it works, and our experience with it.

What’s Included with Joy Organics CBD Vape Oil Pen

The pen is packaged simply in a slim cardboard box. The insert holding the unit and its accompanying vape cartridge (the battery includes one pre-filled 0.5 mL CBD cartridge in the purchase price) slides out easily from the unit body with a tab at the bottom to reveal the battery on one side, the cartridge on the other, and the USB charger in the center.

The battery fits standard size 510 cartridges, including most of the pre-filled CBD cartridges currently available (we tested it with cartridges from four different brands, and every single one fit perfectly). We like this decision on Joy’s part — it’s a little disappointing when brands try to encourage exclusivity by making their products just slightly incompatible with readily available companion products, and we feel like moves like this encourage more of a spirit of cooperation in the industry. It’s a small detail, but we feel it’s a positive one.

The Joy Organics CBD Vape Oil Pen Unit Itself

We’re kind of taken with this vape battery in a way we didn’t expect to be. It’s kind of… chic? Stylish? It’s pretty in its simplicity, especially when paired with the Joy Organics pre-filled CBD cartridges (it makes for a satisfying white-on-white look). The body of the vape is pure white, without so much as a logo or power button, and the base serves as an indicator light during charging and use. Even those of us who typically go for darker finishes on our devices noted that it’s an aesthetically pleasing vaporizer.

The unit is an appropriate weight, light enough for easy handling without feeling flimsy. We found it to be surprisingly durable — it survived a few moderate drops (1 meter or less) without so much as a scratch. It holds up well to transport in a backpack, pocket, or purse without leaking, even when using competing cartridges.

Charging the battery took about an hour from empty, glowing pink during charging and flashing when the battery is fully charged before turning off entirely. Once full, we got about 2-3 days of consistent use — not too shabby considering its size. Even if you were to puff on it all day long, it should get you through your day without having to recharge on the fly.

This is one of the most intuitive vapes we’ve tried. There are no temperature controls, no buttons to press, nothing to mess up or get wrong. Simply inhale for up to 10 seconds, adjusting your inhale length to manipulate your vapor as you please. The LED light at the base will glow pink (indicating the vaporizer is heating) as you draw your hit. After 10 seconds of continuous inhaling, the light will begin to blink, indicating that the battery has reached its highest heat and it’s time to wrap up your draw.

The buttonless design prevents the vaporizer from accidentally turning on in a pocket or purse, conserving your battery life (and your vape oil!) for when you need it. It’s highly It’s easy to use, and we love that about it — but we do see a potential issue. Because there is no way to “lock” the vape or turn it off, it could be picked up by a small child and used easily without supervision.

Keep this in mind if you’re around curious little hands, and keep the vape well out of reach when not in use. While it carries no risk of serious physical harm (CBD presents zero risk of overdose in humans and isn’t psychoactive in any way) we believe that CBD is medicine and, as such, should be administered to kids only with adult supervision.

The choice to use CBD as part of your child’s wellness regimen is yours (and there are lots of reasons why you might), and we wholly support that decision — with supervision from you. It’s a relatively minor detail overall, but it is worth noting, especially for parents of kids in that delightful and dangerous stage of development when they’re curious about everything, especially things they aren’t supposed to touch.

Joy Organics CBD Vape Oil Pen Performance

The battery held up surprisingly well to a week of highly mobile use. We took this vape to a concert, on a night out with friends, on a hike, on the road — everywhere we went. It was dropped, sat on, and even accidentally stepped on once (oops), all with no damage. Its pleasant eggshell finish didn’t even scuff. For something that looks so lightweight and minimal, it can take a pretty impressive beating.

This battery is in our top 3 favorite vape pens in terms of ease of use and customizability. Taking the right size draw is as natural as, well, breathing — just draw in the hit you want to take and stop when you’re done. For lighter, smoother hits, breathe in for 4-5 seconds; drawing for the full 10 seconds will produce thick, dense clouds with a more earth-forward flavor profile. The unit doesn’t get hot enough to scorch the oil, making for a smooth, delicious hit at every level.

We like this vape battery so much, especially for beginner vapor consumers. It’s a very well-considered product with plenty of attention to detail, and that consideration is evident in the user experience. The pen is functional, enjoyable to use, made of safe materials, and one of the single most intuitive units we’ve tried. Especially if you’re looking at trying the Joy Organics pre-filled CBD cartridges, we feel this pen is worth the extra money.

Is $99.95 a Good Value for Joy Organics CBD Vape Oil Pen?

Ultimately, we were pleasantly surprised and impressed by this little but fierce vaporizer. What it lacks in terms of features it makes up for with ease of use and intuitive control. Because it creates anything from the littlest of hits to the densest of clouds, it works for many different vaping styles (and sharing a puff doesn’t require a 3-minute explanation beforehand).

To our knowledge, the vaporizer isn’t available by itself at this time — it can only be purchased as a bundle with a pre-filled CBD cartridge from Joy Organics. The price difference between the cartridge alone ($79.95) and the bundle ($99.95) is only $20, making the vape surprisingly affordable considering its quality and durability. And, since it’s compatible with just about any possible 510 cartridge, it’s still perfectly usable even if you don’t care for the cartridge that came with it (though we think they’re pretty great ourselves).

If you’re already looking at the vapor cartridges from Joy Organics, consider going for the bundle — especially if you’re just starting out with vaporizers. It may not be the only vape product you ever use, but it’s sure to be a regular in the rotation.

DISCLAIMER: Joy Organics has since discontinued selling their vape products. If you are searching for a vape product, we recommend cbdMD as a K2C Favorite!

Kat Austin

Kat Austin

After a difficult pregnancy, simultaneously worsening back injuries, increased anxiety, and more intense migraines, Kat was seeking relief but was being offered a myriad of prescriptions that left her, like many others, with unwanted side effects. Upon discovering the medical benefits of cannabis and CBD, she has seen a complete transformation in her life. Through her writing, extensive research, and analysis, Kat hopes to give you the tools you need to design your most effective health regimen.