FOCL Night Capsules Product Review (2021): Broad-Spectrum, 1200mg

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Brand Details

  • THC Free
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  • USA Made
  • Organic
  • Vegan


FOCL at a Glance

FOCL came to the hemp market with an innovative idea, to create CBD-centric “wellness stacks” that support balance and calm through the day and night.

They were able to achieve this by partnering with chemists, doctors, and other wellness experts to create effective and diverse formulas to boost the effects of CBD. These formulas start with high-quality hemp extracts and are completed with adaptogenic herbs, powerful mushrooms, and hand-chosen botanicals.

FOCL offers wellness products for the day and night, as well as a standard CBD formula that serves to complement the cannabidiol dose of the wellness stacks (or simply offer a quality CBD source to those who need it.) Every FOCL product is vegan, non-GMO, and created in a carefully controlled environment that ensures each powerful blend meets its full potential.

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FOCL Night Capsules Overview

FOCL Night Capsules boast quality hemp extract and an herbal blend designed for nighttime use, but will they really help you catch some z’s? These capsules are designed to play the p.m. role in FOCL’s Wellness Stack, which also includes Day Capsules and a selection of tinctures to choose from. 

The bottle contains 60 capsules, which makes up a total of 300 mg of hemp extract per bottle. Each dose is two capsules, or 10 mg of hemp extract—but that’s not the only star in the show. These nighttime capsules are powered by a carefully curated blend of adaptogenic herbs. Hops Flower and Valerian Root offer balance and work together to promote healthy sleep cycles, while Ashwagandha helps stave off stress and promote a sense of calm. Purple Passionflower was chosen for its ability to boost GABA in the brain, which has made the herb well-known for eliminating mild anxiety and insomnia. Finally, FOCL chose 5-HTP for it’s natural ability to help increase Serotonin and Melatonin—both crucial for regular sleep cycles and a sound mind. 

focl night capsules product review

FOCL Night Capsules Description

In addition to wearing a non-GMO and pesticide-free emblem on its label, FOCL’s Night Capsules are also vegan, gluten-free, and potentially useful for anyone looking to get more rest out of their nights. They cost $55 per bottle, which works out to a price of $0.18 per milligram of hemp extract. Even for the hemp extract alone, that’s a pretty standard price for quality supplements. When considering the premium adaptogenic herbs, the price is pretty amazing. Plus, FOCL offers a subscription option that helps you grab these Night Capsules at a 10-percent discount and get free shipping every time. 

FOCL gives no specific indication of how long before bed you should take these capsules, but it’s easy to assume that these are best as a nighttime dose. The brand does suggest, however, that you pair these Night Capsules with the Day Capsules, which also offer a blend of adaptogens that help create balanced and consistent cycles, leading to a strong body and mind. 

FOCL Night Capsules First-Hand Review

Although we wouldn’t quite characterize our problem as insomnia, we were still eager to try out FOCL’s Wellness Stack to combat the buzzing thoughts that often make it a challenge to fall asleep. In the spirit of full disclosure, we want to note that we didn’t try these Night Capsules on their own. Instead, we combined them with the Day Capsules, which were impressive even after the first dose. Of course, we later found that these Night Capsules were the missing piece to the puzzle. 

Just like the pleasant experience we had with the Day Capsules, we felt relaxed and calm after the very first p.m. dose. The effects seemed to creep on slowly, after about 50 minutes. The feeling wasn’t that of a sleep aid, and we didn’t feel drowsy at all. Instead, we felt relaxed and at ease. Even on the first night, we didn’t seem to have nearly as much trouble taming our busy minds, which frequently took an hour or more to shut down after getting in bed. 

focl adaptogens cbd

For us, the impressive part wasn’t how well we slept, or even how quickly we fell asleep (although it did seem to happen a little faster every night after dosing)—but we don’t generally have much trouble sleeping. What really blew our mind was how rested we felt when we woke up. Although it seemed like we were sleeping the same (and for the same amount of time), we felt like we had experienced some sort of super-sleep. Even before the daytime dose the next morning, we felt increasingly awake, almost as soon as we opened our eyes. 

The best part? The effects just kept getting better. After every dose, we felt like we fell asleep quicker. The next morning, we woke up and felt calm, at ease, and ready to start the day. After day three, we noted a significant decrease in our anxiety. By day seven, we even decided to forgo our usual cup of coffee—we simply didn’t need anything extra to start the day. 

FOCL Product Quality

Hand-selected ingredients are one example of the many ways that FOCL stands apart in the crowded industry, but the CBD company also puts focus on quality and transparency in multiple ways. First, they opened their very own non-GMO, organic hemp farm in New Mexico Valley. This gives them extreme oversight—everything is naturally soil- and sun-grown and they personally ensure that no herbicides, pesticides, or other harmful chemical agents are used. Only the best hemp material is selected for harvest, and the hemp material then undergoes Supercritical CO2 extraction, which is a safe and solvent-free process for retrieving the hemp extract used in FOCL Night Capsules. The brand utilizes an FDA-registered, GMP-compliant facility to manufacture each product. Finally, the capsules undergo third-party testing, which reveals an accurate cannabinoid profile and absence of heavy metals, pesticides, mold, microbials, and other contaminants. 


Truly, these Night Capsules are something worth talking about. When paired with the FOCL Day Capsules, the experience was life-altering. The 10 mg dose of hemp extract means we’re happy to recommend these capsules even to beginner users, but they offer a powerful adaptogenic combination that will benefit experienced users alike. These aren’t just made for people who have trouble sleeping—these FOCL Night Capsules, as part of FOCL’s Wellness Stack, are a great option for bringing a sense of calm and balance into anyone’s wellness routine.

First Hand Review


Loved this product. Helps me drift off to sleep easily and stay asleep throughout the night!

Venessa F.


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