Just Live CBD Pain Relief Cream Product Review: 300, 750, 1500mg

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Brand Details

  • THC Free
  • Lab Test
  • USA Made
  • Organic
  • Vegan


Just Live CBD At a Glance

Just Live CBD was founded by four athletes from different sports. Klay Thompson, a five-time NBA All-Star, Motorsports legend Travis Pastrana, skateboarder Paul Rodriguez, and Alex Morgan, came together in search of a better alternative to traditional pain relief. Co-founder Paul Rodiguez explains why they created the brand, “My knee injury really brought the painkiller topic to light for me. I found myself looking forward to the next time I could take another pill, and I started to think, ‘there has to be a better way.’ We’ve launched Just Live for anyone looking for a safe and natural solution to pain relief in order to perform, or just live, better.” Read more about the brand here…

Just Live CBD Coupon Code

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Pain Relief Cream Overview

  • Broad-spectrum and CBD Isolate 
  • Comes in: 300mg, 750mg, and 1500mg  
  • Active Ingredients: Arnica Montana, Pain Reliever Menthol
  • Pain-relieving effects that target muscle aches and sore joints

Just Live’s CBD Pain Relief Cream attacks chronic pain swiftly through anti-inflammatory botanicals such as Arnica Montana, Menthol, and CBD. Arnica Montana is an herb that has been used for thousands of years to treat inflammation. The airless pump on the bottle is a thoughtful feature that enables the perfect amount without waste. I gave this a shot after a long day of fishing, and even with a tiny amount, I felt the cooling effects in my elbow and neck quite quickly. The cream was not too oily; rather, it felt leaning on the side of a matte topical, which I honestly prefer. 

Just Live’s branding is quite pretty but, more importantly, useful. I have a feeling that the graphic designer was told, “We want to be able to pull this out of a bag in a rush.” And thus, we got the perfect sized logo that can be found even in Mary Poppins Bag.

Just Live CBD Pain Relief Cream First-Hand Review


  • The aroma of the Pain-Relief Cream is really subtle. After five minutes of having it on for the first time, I gave my elbow a sniff and could only detect the Arnica Montana and Menthol within a couple of inches. I’d say that a fair comparison would be Icy Hot if it didn’t have any chemicals.


  • This is where the CBD Topical dominates. To be transparent, I am not a lotion guy; I don’t even use chapstick (but that’s an entirely different beast to tackle). I strictly use roll-ons or patches because I really do not like the feeling of lotion on my hands after rubbing it into my joints. If anything, though, as I previously said, the Just Live Pain-Relief Cream is certainly more on the side of being a matte topical rather than an oily topical. Similarly, the bottle produces the perfect little dollop of cream with the airless pump that goes significantly further than one may expect at first glance.


  • I tested the 750mg Pain-Relief Cream after my first mountain bike ride in several years, and to be honest, some of my first activity in months. I was told before leaving that it would be a smooth, short, and downhill ride that wouldn’t be more than a stroll with a beautiful view of the mountains within Yellowstone National Park. Shortly after arriving, I learned that my idea of a leisurely stroll is different than a person who mountain bikes multiple times a week. To make a long story short, 50% of the ride was up a narrow path on a mountain, and it took about four minutes before my legs felt like pure jelly. I returned to the house defeated, but of course, my hypermasculinity kicked in, and I could not let anyone know that. As such, I slowly crawled upstairs and grabbed the Just Live CBD Pain Relief Cream, and began to rub it into muscles that I forgot existed. Within 20 minutes, the effects began to kick in, and while I can’t say that it made 100% of the pain go away within minutes, I can say that without a doubt, the CBD isolate reduced the soreness that I would have otherwise felt the next day. After about an hour, the pain had reduced greatly and I was even convinced to go for a kayak ride later that evening. 

CBD Pain-Relief Cream Price & Comparison

Just Live CBD offers three variations of size for their pain-relieving topical. Based on the dollar-to-mg scale, the 1500mg is actually the best bang for your buck. However, using the Just Live CBD Discount Code TCE15, the price drops to an even more enticing deal. The CBD topical falls within the industry standard, and when considering the benefits and how long it can last, it is certainly a fair deal. 

Just Live CBD Pain-Relief Cream Pricing





$29.99 $0.099


$69.99 $0.093
1500mg $99.99


Just Live Pain-Relief Cream Pricing with Discount Code


Price $/mg


$25.50 $0.085
750mg $59.50


1500mg $85.00



Just Live CBD Product Quality

Just Live provides its customers with the highest quality products through the use of all-natural ingredients and extensive testing by professional athletes who live life to the fullest. Just Live has been featured in Sleepline Magazine as one of the best CBD sleep aids in the industry. Forbes also did an article showing how four athletes from all different walks of life rely on Just Live CBD to continue living. Just Live utilizes two different third-party labs (pictured below), providing the utmost scientific reassurance and passes our qualifications within our CBD buying Guide.   

Is Just Live CBD legit?

Verified Customer Reviews

Susan F. – 5 Stars 

I was skeptical at first because I prefer odorless creams to menthol, but the menthol odor is minimal and the effects of the added CBD works great for muscle and knee pain.“


Jon G. – 5 Stars

“Really helped relieve pain I was experiencing on my lower back. Looking forward to buying a higher strength and getting even more relief. Great job Just Live!” 



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