Nature’s Script Hemp Extract CBD Capsules Product Review

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The Product Rundown: General Thoughts

Like all products from Nature’s Script, the CBD within these capsules is of excellent quality.  The starting hemp material is non-GMO and organically grown using sustainable agricultural practices.  Then, the flower is batch tested for purity and potency before the CBD is extracted using an environmentally friendly supercritical CO2 method that leaves no trace of solvent behind.  As Nature’s Script makes all their products from 99.9% pure CBD isolate, the capsules are certified free of THC.  There are a lot of positives here, but there’s a crucial ingredient missing that essentially renders this product ineffective.

This product raised our eyebrows when we first read the label.  Unlike the usual CBD softgels, these capsules are just that, capsules filled with a dry powder that looks very much like pure CBD isolate, with the proprietary blend of white willow bark and turmeric extracts.  We searched for any information to demonstrate that the CBD isolate within the capsules was special somehow, made bioavailable through some new process, but we couldn’t find anything to support that theory.

The key to the issue here is, CBD is fat-soluble and won’t be effectively absorbed by the body without being bonded to a lipid molecule. Scientifically speaking, this renders the extract within these capsules useless when taken as directed (more on that shortly).

We should note that we did try to make use of this product in some capacity, even if it wasn’t the intended purpose (we are nothing if not experimental).  Because of the calcium, magnesium, and proprietary herbal blend, vaping or dabbing the contents of the capsules is a TERRIBLE experience that we urge you to avoid.  To reiterate for absolute clarity:


While the capsules don’t work on their own when taken orally as directed (yes, we did try in the interest of science), the contents can be dissolved in the carrier oil of your choice and consumed that way.  Generally, about a tablespoon of oil will dissolve a single capsule, and while it won’t be a tasty experience, you’ll get the benefit of the product. All that to say, we felt we had to get unnecessarily creative to get any sort of benefit from this product, which is not the point.

Why We Don’t Recommend This Product

The starting material is great, but the delivery method of this product renders it ineffective.  CBD requires some type of lipid molecule, like an oil or a fat, to be absorbed into the bloodstream effectively.  Without a lipid to attach to for absorption, a few CBD molecules happen to be absorbed because the molecules align just right, but the vast majority get flushed through the kidneys and into the urine without ever entering the bloodstream.

We’re not sure what Nature’s Script’s rationale was when creating this product (perhaps they got excited about the vegan capsule?), but we can confidently say that, in terms of bioavailability and, therefore, efficacy, these capsules miss the mark.  When taken as directed, they just don’t work. Technically, it is possible to reap the benefits of the CBD within the capsules, but it requires extra work and ingredients (and mess! The contents of the capsules tend to burst out when the capsule is broken apart, leaving little puffs of CBD if you’re overconfident — or just unlucky). In our view, the product shouldn’t need to be mixed with other ingredients to be effective if it is not marketed, designed, or directed to be used that way.

Is the Issue With the Brand As a Whole, Or Just This Product?

We’ve experienced success with other ingestible products from Nature’s Script, and there’s a lot we like about the brand as a whole.  We appreciate their commitment to sustainable agricultural practices, pure products, and tested potency, and we like that their entire line of products is THC-free, which is helpful to many consumers for a variety of reasons.  They carry several products we enjoy: their tinctures work well, as do their CBD gummies and their relaxation syrup (shown in image below).  They also carry pet-friendly CBD oil that works well.

Nature's Script Hemp Extract Relaxation CBD Syrup Product Review

The issue here is with this product in particular, not with the entire line.  If the CBD within the capsules were combined with a carrier oil, we might feel differently.  We like that the capsules are vegan, but we feel that using a true capsule (which usually requires its contents to be dry) instead of a softgel capsule (which can contain liquids effectively) was a misstep in the product design.

It’s true that there’s a lack of fully vegan softgels available on the market presently (they’re more difficult to make and, at present, a bit pricier too), but we’d rather see Nature’s Script create something innovative or, alternatively, use a traditional vegetarian softgel capsule instead.  As directed, this product just doesn’t pack enough effectiveness to justify the expense.

Alternatives: What We’d Use Instead

We really like the softgels available from Ambary Gardens.  Available in varying dosage strengths and counts, these softgels provide a full spectrum of cannabinoids within a softgel capsule.  The concentrated CBD oil within these softgels will absorb efficiently into your system, increasing the effectiveness of your dose.

If you are specifically in need of a THC-free option, we recommend the isolate softgels from CBDistillery.  While the company also carries an excellent full-spectrum option, their THC-free softgels provide all the benefits of CBD in a bioavailable oil.  The capsules are vegetarian and dissolve quickly, helping CBD molecules absorb more quickly into your system.

Alternatives: What We Like From Nature’s Script

Nature’s Script carries plenty of other consumable products that are worth trying.  We especially like their CBD gummies and their tinctures, which are both available in varying dosage strengths.  The gummies come in a mixture of flavors, and the tinctures come in both peppermint and watermelon flavors.

For consumers in need of higher doses of CBD for relief from severe symptoms, we recommend the Relaxation Syrup from Nature’s Script.  It contains 25 mg of CBD per dose and can provide a boost throughout the day, especially if you find your symptoms are not fully alleviated at lower doses.


We love the idea of pure CBD in vegan capsules, but the design of this product renders it ineffective when used as directed.  There are plenty of other CBD softgel capsule options available in both full-spectrum and isolate formulations that are formulated in a way that facilitates bioavailability and, therefore, stronger systemic effects.

First Hand Review


I have shopped around with other vendors and none have by far been better than Nature Script. 10/10 recommend to anyone who is doubting making a purchase.

Justin B